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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  August 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.5 e >> straight ahead a wild wednesday night of weather. heavy rains, thunder and wint dn knocking out power to dozens doz in the region. a closer look at the damage. >> reaction is pouring in as maryland head start program pro facing possible shut downs. harsh words one county leaderea has and what needs to be done to keep ited. >> a live look outside on this e thursday morning. roads still a little wet outt ou there. th be careful as you're headinge hi out.ou you never know might be some s slick spots. sl done want any problems as youasy head to work school orool wherever your destination ison i this morning.this mor good morning to you, thank you for joining us, i'm maureenreen umeh. >> and i'm wisdom martin. wm ma today is thursday august 18.ugus
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erin como is in to talk traffic, mike thomas trackingckn the forecast today. today. >> all right.>> before we get to that let'slet's get to this. thi breaking news in the district.hc a person hit and killed inn northwest this morning.orning >> the accident has forcedce road closures that could be inub place for hours as policeol investigate.stigat fox5's annie yu live at ninth and o streets in i northwest with the latest on tan this story. annie. >> reporter: hey, goodte morning, wisdom and maureen. man that's right, this happened around 3 o'clock police tell pet us and since then they havehe been working this scene.cene they got the report for a f pedestrian struck. as you mentioned tha st person o sadly did not make it and sond they're waiting for some som daylight to come out -- to o- happen and so they can get a closer look at how this allal happened here.ened h but if you look straightkght ahead, you'll see that redhat mercedes.mercedes. that's been the vehicle they t have been focusing in.g in. the front windows havee shattered and it's sitting sting about 50 feet from a crosswalk s and looks like one of theirke headlights are out. they have ogh a cone right outr front as well but this is thes e only vehicle that we can se
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from where we're standing thatgt they're sort of focusing in onn but the person was struckwas stc along the 1400 block of ninth street northwest and they'rey're unable to confirm whether the t victim was in a crosswalk or not but for those of you traveling in this area policeol say that's ninth streetth str between o and p streets. see it will remain closed in bothn directions for several moreal me hours or at least until, again, that they can get some ge light out here and get a a better sense how this all all happened. but that is what police arewhat able to tell us at this timehi t and the very latest here fromero northwest d.c.esc. back to you in the ii >> annie yu reporting thishi morning. we want to bring you to briou t breaking news overnight froms nh rio where two americanrican swimmers including a local a lal athlete were taken off theirff t flight home from the olympics. brazilian authorities say thetiy athletes may have lied aboutliea being robbed at gun point gun pi inside a taxi in rio over the weekend.we swimmers jack conger who is is from rockville maryland and gunnar bentz were botheh detained and had their the passports taken ay what.ayhat. a third u.s. swimmer until rio r has also been ordered to stayrda in the t
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involved.involved. ryan lochte is already back in the states. state >> meanwhile closer to homehile nearly three weeks after that deadly flash flooding inlash f ellicott city maryland officials now have a plan tonow help people whose homes and businesses were destroyeded final realty their belongings.en they'll get access to the city's main street between today and monday from 7:00fr a.m. to 7:00 p.m. so they canthy pick up their things and move out if they have to.y have the plan will also letlsoet building owners use the time to work on a recovery plan. >> rescue crews will resume resm their search of the potomac potc today far a missing the man is in his 20's ands he's from he was last seen tuesday he is believed to have beenve swept into the river near the great falls. friends say the man recentlysay came to the u.s. and doesn't knoknow howto swim.ow swi >> head start in jeopardyeord after observing reports of students being shamed and mistreated in the classroom. >> melanie alnwick has thehe story first yesterday.rd melanie what happened re
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how did they get to this this point. po >> it's a crazy story here, her guys. yeah, the head start programgr is available for low income families.fami it provides early educationcatin and childcare for three to five-year-olds.r-olds. now, the notice of terminationen from the federal office of -- o of head start programs says s that some prince george's county head start teachers humiliated children and usedd corporal punishment as one of an the methods of discipline.ofcipl in one case a teacher forced a three-year-old boy to mop upop u his own urine after wetting himself because prince george's county didn't correct the problems, the programam could lose a six and a half million dollars federal grant.a. >> there is no room in our school system for individualsndd who do not treat our children cd with compassion, with care, car with concern for their complete well being. bng they will be held accountableabe to our fullest extent.xten >> reporter: you hear itter: yor right there, thete
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identified in the report arerepr still under review but they hehy will not be in the classrooms cs at the start of the schooll year. while parents agree theagrethe reports are sickening nearly thousand parents in the county u rely on the program.rogr rushern baker issued ad a statement about theatem accusations against head start a saying "i am angry and extremely disappointed at the root news that the grant for grr prince george's county heade's start program through the u.s. department of health and humantn services has been terminated. the acts that are documentedth in the report from head startatr areom unacceptable and will nott be tolerated in our school system.. now, prince george's county schools has 30 days toass decide whether to file ane an appeal. ap officials say they're stillthe weighing the options butns insist that the program willgril begin this year as schedulededud and that is due to start nextt week. >> what a mess. >> yeah, it puts the parents p in a bad situation and it's it' amazing to me that it even got n to the point after all thatllha information came out.n me o >> it makes you wonder whatde systems were in place and who aw didn't follow -- it's a mess. hopefully they get it sorted
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out. it is 5:05.> is mike thomas speaking of ag o mess, the weather last nighttigt leaving a trail of destruction across the region and. >> quite a trail ofra destruction.stru one thing we hope when we haveae storms this strong that maybebe it gets rid of the heat andeat humidity.humidity. that's not going to be the goi case. it did temporarily drop therop temperatures but they've heldhel steady all night long.on 75 degrees your current numbernn in d.c. this morning, still sti very humid, 73 for gaithersburg, 73 forburg, 73 f baltimore. radar is track somethingraom showers across the region, reg kind of what's left of thatatof system that affected usected us yesterday.yester no lightning on the map thisng o morning, certainly nothingng severe. most of the shower activity isii kind of scattered about inut in northern virginia thisnia th morning, maybe a couple lighte l raindrops hitting yourttin you windshield as you head to as yod work. that should be about it fort today.toda by 7 o'clock futurecastec showing most of it fading offg to the eastly by 1 o'clock we're back in the sunshine.n th we'll heat it back up into theio upper 80's lower 90's this0'this afternoon and then 5, 6 the5, o'clock a pop-up shower or or storm is not nearly as widespread as we
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see by the evening hours,rs we're really clearing it out. o. temperatures later today, 91od here in washington.ashi 90 for quantico. quant upper 80's for some especiallysa north and west.nd w hagerstown only 86, frederickde 87 but those upper 80's will come with the humidity. humid check of the erin como has the roads thisoadt morning. hey, erin.he eri >> on-time traffic brought to bo you by toyota.u oyot visit buy a for special offers.s. >> and the very busy commute unfortunately. live look in chevy he chase. large downed tree closing wisconsin avenue southbound.aveo the location is at dorsettt d avenue and you can see thatha large tree across the road the a right there. could be out there for some for time this you'll need to detour aroundnd that. that i'd suggest exiting well well before that point takinghat po bradley boulevard to getulevd tt around that. let's move it over from thisfros live look to a look at ourt maps. some big problems in princen george's county.'s couy. 210 northbound a crash scenesh at palmer road.d. all lanes had been completelyel shut down.own. getting word that one laneon right now is squeezing by.quzing we have a crew at this ts breaking news scene and we'l
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keep you updated on and bring bi you a live look shortly. shortl. in addition, croom road closedd both directions.ti that location has a downedowne tree where you need to detour. u lots going on right now on now o your secondaries and your you roads in fort washington andto prince george's county. geoe's person hit by car and killed. ke annie yu gathering informationoa out here. ninth street remains shut downht between o and p street.t. take 11th or seventh.even investigation for the deadlyion crash investigation could be out there for some time.for so . as we forward our maps and mapsa take a look at crash activityasy baltimore-washington parkwaysh northbound past 198 anotheras crash scene. a quick lookt outside at the beltway. inner loop cruising along by b eisenhower avenue connector. cor light volume on our majors.. i'm more. >> lose avenue and iconicconi director.dict >> first the death toll from the flooding in louisiana louis continues to r stay with us. we're back in just 30 seconds.
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>> firefighters in southernight california say they arern beginning to get ahold on massive wildfire. iatossthe so-called blue cut fis about 5 percent contained.onined however, the flames have have forced thousands from theirusans homes. right now 82,000 people areeople under evacuation orders.n orders but officials say about half refuse
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>> homeland security director jeh johnson will arrive.rr >> the death toll has risen to 13.13. hack jackie ibanez reports theoe community is coming together cig to help rebuild the process. pcs >> the flooding in louisiana lis claims more lives and homes as the water moves downstream: governor john bell edwardsdw tours the hard hit parishes of livingston and ascencion wherene thousands have lostousa everything. >> we have thousands and thousands -- tens of thousandsof of homes obviously that have tha been damaged. we have schools that cannotnot open.en. so, we have an awful lot oful work to do. t d >> reporter: evacuations continue with tens of wit thousands forced from theired fo homes since the rains startedta last friday. friy. the mayor in sorrento believeses three-quarters of his town isn i under >> some have inches some havemev feet. my house has probably 5 feet. it just depends on what part p of town you are. >> reporter: lyme many haver: l
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has brought communities b together. volunteers helping to prepare pe sand bags just want to do t d anything they can to helpng theo their neighbors. >> to help these people out as much as i can -- i can't do't much but i can help them out by tying bags but these guyss b are the ones that's reallys real doing the work, all thesell young kids and all these men tse here, they helping one anotherer out. this is a community you can see it.unn e >> reporter: but in many places the sand bags aren'the enough to hold back the water. w >> we sandbagged two days agotw and we got pumps ready and had d the pumps going trying to keep o the water out but the water was coming in faster than the pumps could kick it out and outa got water in the lower level. >> reporter: president obama o has signed a disaster declaration while homeland security secretary jeh johnsonra heads to the state thursday. trs in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news. n >> if you thought about if heading to the washingtonhington monument today, thing twice. it's closed >> yeah. >> what is going on.hat is >> broken record or broken
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i just gave it away. a all right.all we've got some exciting've o news as well for all you soccer fans.ccerans. the big game that's going to g be hosted right here in d.c. d.c >> but we're heading to break right now with a live look loo across the d.c. it's 5:12 on this thursdayrsda morning.morning. get out of bed you can do just one more day to go andday o then it's friday. all right. back after this. >> ♪
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>> we're following severalre breaking news stories arounds st the region. all could have an impact on your commute this morning. what you're looking at right now are live a pictures from route 210 and palmer road in fort washington maryland. maryl an accident there has closed cld some lanes of route 210 north nr in that area so watch out for that. th >> all right, we're going to go to chevy chase marylandy chea crews have arrived on therriv o scene to cut up a large treege e that fell across wisconsinscon avenue because of storms fromtom last night. night this is in the southboundin lanes of wisconsin avenue ande a dorsett avenue. ave another trouble spot to watchouc out for.out for >> all right.>>ll r >> the last picture that'sha where annie yu is.
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pedestrian accident. that's on p and o streets northwest. she is on that scene. on she'll be bringing us updates ut as information becomes becomes available. >> all right, in the meantime tm lets gopher oomiak thomas andmia get an update on what'snhat's happening right now and whatrin we're in store for today as tody far as the weather today.od. >> we're in store for much quieter weather we need a day off afterfter yesterday. >> good news. >> live look>> outside it's much quieter around the region. regio that's some good news and the at good news is that storm riskis later this afternoon much aft lower than y not going to be seeing the t severe weather today, maybe tode just a storm or two later this t afternoon although i'llghl mention there are some showersso out thereme right now. n you'll see that on radar inadar just a minute and heat is starting to soften but it'st' sticking around for the next n four days with temperatures inrn the lower 90's but it will not n be the hundreds and it will not feel like 110 trees. trees still hot and humid thiss weekend as far as humidityidit goes we're keeping dewpoints in the 70' the 7 that means the air will be
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sunday but we have a big improvement. sweet relief coming our way as a we head into the course of theoe next work work unfortunatelyorte not going to be here in timen t for the weekend but much toh look forward to on that tha seven-day forecast.orecast. there's are short.. south of front royal in harrison burg dealing with showers along i-81. ber they're trying to scoot intos i the beltway region.ltwa again maybe just a fewybe just raindrops hitting your your windshield early this morning. . little bit of patch of heavier rain towards harrison burg. bur let's zoom in there. storm tracker radar is showing how light it is a pocket orocke two of more moderate rain or o two north of lows dale. d all of this will push offer tous the east.the ea 75 degrees here in washington this morning, 74 in richmond.ic. that sweet relief is not toosot far to the north butto unfortunately it's not coming'sn farther south at least not for f the next few days. ds. detroit 67 degrees thiss this morning. surface still has not changednoa that m high pressure still off theofe coastline still
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southerly flow around thearou region. 80's and 90's later on this afternoon.afte not the feature we hade h yesterday but a little weaktle k disturbance will swing through later today that could pop a storm or two. again most stay drive here's ayr look at your planner forer fr today. 85 degrees by 11:00 a.m. by . back to the sunshine by then even though most of theh mo of morning will be cloudy. cloud 89 by 2 o'clock.'cck we top temperatures out 90, out9 91 degrees with a pop-up stormtm or two but again one more timeet most will stay dry later on latr this afternoon.fterno. fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast, 91 today, 92 degrees e tour zip trip friday. zip tri i believe we're going to rosslyn.lyn. going to be fantastic weathernti for that in the morning just a s little on the hot and humidnd side. we keep that through theat weekend and next week looking li fantastic. mid 80's, low humidity.umit can't wait. ca that's the forecast. erin como has the roads this morning. hey, erin.hey, e >> 5:17 and from the heavyea rain that moved in we're we're dealing with a lot of abproms ap around the definitely.efin wet roads causing accidentsd and downed trees.d do this is in chevy chase. cha wisconsin avenues
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crews at this location workingsw hard in the early hours to getug a large tree down its at dorsett.dors traffic diverted at cumberland.cumber i suggest detouring at bradleyty boulevard working your way w around. this could start to cause some big backups. backups so many take wisconsin avenueonu in the morning so we'll keepng k you updated on this breakingakin want to look at 210 in fortrt washington is dealing with a huge crash scene betweenwe palmer road and livingston road. really big backup right there. e i talked to our photographer at that location. tha he said traffic being forced for to divert onto the servicevice road to get around that.und t i would say to save yourself yos that time this morning exit at old fort road before you get stuck in that backup ache oxonau hill road towards the beltwayrd because a lot of folks in s fort washington get stuck in normal r congestion anyway this causing u some really big atypicalpil delays. now that's not the onlynly problem in prince george's in ps county. let's take a look at our mapsk t right now. now we're also dealing with a downed tree croom road bothree o direction at mattaponiad road. a that is also forcing
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to detour around thatnd t location. ninth street in the district deadly pedestrian crash.lyn a person hit by a car and a killed at this scene.cene. ninth street northwest shut down both directions between oen and p streets. stree annie yu gathering informationtn p street northwest also closedle between tenth and eighth.nd eigt that's going to cause some bigob delays this morning. should be out there for somee time. time we got our hands full thisull morning already. wisdom and maureen. men. >> happening today the the washington monument will oncewi again be closed. the national park service saysey an elevator cable broke looseroe yesterday morning while therehi were visitors at the top ofat tf the monument no one was indiana side the elevator atleto the 84 people got down safely sel using the stairs.using the stai >> and exciting internationalino soccer match is coming to our or own rfk stadium.di it's something you're sharing on social media this morningia g and for good reason.r goeaso let's check out what else is eis trending. >> first up, a loss for hollywood.hollyw arthur hilleoor the oscar nominated director who served sr four terms as president of the academy ti
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and sciences has died at theat e age of 92. hiller held the -- he was a pilot for the wacky abc sitcomim the adams family and director do more than 30 features from intense dramas to light toig comedies and musicals as well. >> at&t is eliminating overage e fees for customers meaningea those of you who eat up your data can now breathe a sigh relief.ef. customers used to have to pay p $15 per gigabyte in overn o charges but will now pay for data plans up front based on usage. ag the cheapest plan is just onet gigabyte and costs $30 the t most expensive is 30 gigabytes t and will cost over $130. $ >> for some reason that doesn't seem cheap to me.heap t. just saying.g. soccer fans mark yourk y calendars for october 11th. 1 that's because u.s. men's national team is going to be taking on new zealand in a friendly rfk -- in a friendly fl
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it's a friendly.riendly. >> it's a friendly game.nd g >> no it's a friendlily.ily. that's the name of the game.ame. that's what they call it inl i soccer and it's at rfk stadium. americans will be usings wi the stadium all month to get ready for the final round of the world cup qualifying whichih begins in november. nembe >> are you sure it isn't a sure friendly game. >> trust me i know what i'mi'm talking about. abo >> i've never heard about aaboua friendly. >> i'm going to google it and id tell you about it. i >> i believe you. >> straight ahead target, theydh are making major changes to their restrooms. it comes after a pretty heated debate.bate >> the drama deepens. deepe looks like rg iii has moved onod from a failed marriage. mri we've got photographic proof of that coming up.phcomip. >> quite a fail, robert. why? show us a picture. pictu i tell you.l as we head to break a livee look across the d.c. time right now is 5:21. he's go the some explaining to do. >> better stay out of that.stay >> he put the picture up there. >> stay out of it.
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>> oh, robert.
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>> new this morning an updates on the controversy overmo target's bathroom rules. the chain con announced they'll spend 20 million goals to add ga a private bathroom to each ofaco its stores by next year. comes after customer protestsrro over its policy to allow transgender individuals to usese whichever bathroom correspondsoe with their gender identity.endet most target locations alreadylr have a single occupancy orupancy unisex bathroom but it willl add the option to 277 stores s by november. >> metro he transit police sayay they're concerned there may bedb more victims of a man accusedcc of exposing himself on a train.trai william madison was arrested are for exposing himself.for exposi he was area evidentd back in june for exposing himself ahi woman on the blueline train. trn if you have information about ii him call metro police.ol this week some news broke that rg iii the formerme washington redskins redskins quarterback rg iii and hisrbac wife after three years are separating and just a
5:25 am
as he he used to sprint away s from defenders that first year y he was here griffin has movedasv on to a new lady in his life. her namshe's a track athlete frm estonia and attends floridari state >> this is the part that jusattt got me he.t me >> allow me he to pontificate pi on this. while the ink isn't dry on griffin's divorce reports are re rg iii he has inked with his wh new girlfriend's name on his h forearm. he waforearm. this is g thisghive been datin lady for a split second you'veou got her name tattooed. >> we hwe don't know how long they've been dating. >> does that mean he's beenthat cheating on his wife.ting >> we don't know how long theyg
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>> when was tattoo inked on his forearm.earm robert why? i was rooting for i you, why.u, why >> i'm out of it. >> i know relationships fail but why. >> i'm not touching that >> mike, you and i are on the same paper.aper. >> ladies feel me out there.s fe >> hands off.. >> it's a little shady.tle shad. >> arms will be crossed inwill b protest until further notice.ot >> throwing rg iii some shade se this morning, that's it. >> [inaudible] [laughter][lgh >> 75 degrees this morning ingre d.c.n 73 he in gaithersburg, spellsbu, in baltimore. ti hey even with all the stormsst last night we diord not get ridt of the humidity.of we he did not get rid of the o t hot temperatures.rature not just yet. we got about four more days toas go by the time we get to nextext monday we will really see a a big improvementnt temperature-wise.atur there's your radar. rad seeing showers this morning sho kind of what's left over from's last night rolling throughhr northern virginia, maybe aa, mbe sprinkle or two hitting are windshield on the western halfth of the beltway. 91 degrees today. we'll have a lot of morningmor cloud cover but 'l
5:27 am
into the sunshine by lateshine l morning early afternoon.fteron a stray storm can't be ruledst out but chances not nearly n what they were yesterday. y that's a check of theckthe forecast. erin como has a check of thes a roads this morning. good morning erin. >> 5:27 right now.:2t we've been tracking thisckth breaking news out of chevyf chase. crews up early and workingly wor hard to get a large downedow tree cleared.leared. right now wisconsin avenuevenu southbound remains shut down. it's at dorsett avenue whereve the tree he is. i i would suggest diverting at a bradley boulevard to save yourself some time.self s leave early if this is your route. looks like crews will be out cre there for some time to get that out of the way.f th w in fort washington 210 on theont northbound side we are dealingei with a large crash scene there. traffic is backed up for very slow past that talked to our photographer maxta at the location. lat he said traffic diverted toivero the side service road to geterv around that at palmer road if ra you want to avoid gettingting stuck in those delays and all that backed up traffic detour old fort road and take oxon tak hill road northbound to getd around that.arou we have
5:28 am
george's county closing a's c portion of croom road. rd. we'll look at that next. back to you.o >> still arguing about rg iii. >> all right. rig i think we should move on.ove 5:28 is the time. t there's drama unfolding in rioao right now. ght two american swimmers pulled p from their plain plane and notnd allowed to come back home.e. >> several breaking trafficff stories right now including a fatal pedestrian accident instid northwest. our annie yu is live on theive e scene. we'll have the latest coming up. >> ♪
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>> straight ahead, mothertrght nature unleashing havoc across the region. reg blown off roofs, downed trees, power outages. outag will this bring us some reliefel from all that heat? showdown in rio but it has nothing to do with the olympicoo games. two american swimmers removederv from their flight home in order to testify about claims ts they were robbed at gun point. t and prince george's countyie leaders react to concerns itstos head start program could shut s fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.or >> good morning to you. goo thank you very much for wakingrm up with us.up w i'm wisdom martin.i'm wisdom >> and i'm maureen umeh.reen uh. today is thursday august 18. standing by our colleague mikeog thomas who has weather and erin como is going t ho talk t l about traffic and the issues i we're dealing with thisalin morning. first we want to get back toba t breaking news happening in thepn a pedestrian struck and killedal this morning.this >> now the accident forced thecd road closures that could be indn place for hours as police
5:32 am
investigate.stigat fox5's annie yu joins us joi live with the latest in thishi story.ory. annie. >> reporter: hey, good morning, wisdom and maureen. mau that's right, d.c. policeice remain on scene of this of pedestrian accident.stri they tell us that the t pedestrian was hit shortly before 3 a.m. this morning. mo this is the 1400 block off ninth street northwest d.c. d you can see it remains closed c at this hour. hou sadly, the victim did not make it. police have this area blockede h off to traffic and so ninthff street between o and p sictreets northwest remains closed bothh directions will remain closed for several more hourse h impacting your morning commutenc so keep that in mind.n m hours later police still policei trying to figure out exactly exa what happened, trying to putut together the pieces but itt appears that the striking strikn vehicle did remain on scene.ce in fact, if you look straight ahead there at the red the mercedes that's the car theyr t have been focusing in on alln morning long with its windowsws shattered and you can seeanu ca there's a busted headlight sitting about 50 feet from a
5:33 am
right now where the pedestrianea was walking or how this all happened. it's also still very early on in the investigation and so s police are not repolicing information about the victim.abu sadly the victim did not makeak it. they're looking into possiblent causes and factors including ilu alcohol so that is the very latest here in northwest d.c. annie yu fox5 local news.ew >> developing overnight --rnigh- annie thank you for that --ha while you slept you likely felt the rumble of last night's crazy storm leaving ang lot of damage in its wake. w homes and buildings wereld damaged, trees and power linesol also downed. downe a tree fell into a house in h gaithersburg and in therg a district a roof was ripped offpp from an apartment inn southeast.heast. pepco dominion power and bgg and e are reporting around aro 9300 people are still without power. >> ♪ we are following growing tensions in rio where u.s. swimmers jack conger and gunnar bentz were removed fromof flight back to the unitedhe u states by brazilian
5:34 am
they said they were robbed at w gun point but authorities sayris they that might not be the case. >> melanie alnwick here with the details of this unfoldingnfg story. more details coming out as we get along in this very strangeye story. >> reporter: that's right. and we'll see what the day holds today for these two tse swimmers. we're talking about a 21-year-old jack conger ofd jac rockville maryland andan a 20-year-old gunnar bentz of atlanta georgia.nt they were both oa n a u.s. bounn plane at 9 p.m. wednesday night. brazilian police took them offhe the plane and held them at thet airport police station fortation hours. this morning police escorted conger and went out of the and airporbentz out of theairport.rr they didn't answer questions quo shouted by reporters.. representative from the u.s.he s consulate arrived at the at t airport shortly after the aer swimmers were detained and adnd lawyer for the athlete says aths they can't leave the countryan't until they give testimonyive tet about the alleged robberyt th sunday. the swimmers claimed they werelm robbed at gun point by men m with police badges whilele returning from a party. brazilian authorities sayy conger and bentz alon
5:35 am
ryan lot key and jimmy fagan jig >> one of the other swim sersm still in brazil. b lot key hbrazil. lochte's lawyer says he wasawyeh never asked to stay in brazilra and returned home when he intended. a judge in the case says brazilian authorities need more time to assess whetherheth the swimmers are telling theelng truth. they did not call police afterit the incident and brazilianrazi authorities only began investigating after mediaaf med reports surfaced.d. >> melanie i can't imagineie i being in a foreign country andrd them telling me surrender yournr passport and stay here untily he 'r
5:36 am
>> it has to be so scary. s as we know conger is here from f rockville. we did go to the house last the night to tree to see if his parents wanted to talk. apparently they were not home nh last night but if that was my kid i'd be >> you just don't know what -- how their government works in these other countries.ountries. we know how things are overw tha here but we just don't knowon k how it works over there. there you're at the mercy of whatever he they decide to to. o >> reporter: you have the yave u.s. consulate. this isn't just a tourist tou caught up in this.p inhi >> hope for the best.>> hfo >> thank you melanie. man >> time now to talk weather weah with mike thomas. hey, mike thomas. tho >> hey wisdom.>>ey w good morning.good we are tracking what's left of f kind of or storm system fromrm last night. we have a few showers s moving g through the region. rn. temperature still on the mild ml side, still on the humid side. s reagan national 75 degrees5 degr this morning, both dulles and dd bwi in baltimore checking in at 73 degrees at this hour.s h there's your radar.yo there are those showers.e arthos most of them in northernth virginia, although it'sugs starting to push over
5:37 am
of d.c. here. here. here. again it's very light.n it's v most not reaching the ground. gn a couple sprinkles early thislyi morning will quicking push offh over to the east.he e there's futurecast by 8:00 a.m. showing those showers thoss well off to the east. e we'll start clearing thingsing out about 10, 11 o'clockoc today.da we'll get back to thegeba sunshine. su temperatures will quickly warm w up into the upper yet ander yetn lower 90's. could we pop a storm later today? yes. most will not though. most will stay dry today. today. 91 degrees for a daytime high. h that's a check of the erin como has the roads onthe ra this thursday morning. hey, erin. erin. >> and the rails mike because r we have problems at 5:37.aiobmsa in addition to the safe track surge seven work causingseve single tracking between shadydy grove and twinbrook mored brooke problems on the red line thisree morning. single tracking between van van ness and dupont.up we have track repair atwoodair o lee park so watch out forch out those delays.those delays i want to show you a live look outside right now taking a look at our roads.oa crews working hard
5:38 am
chase. let me get out of the o a downed tree wisconsin avenuenu southbound at dorsett. they have to get that all t chopped up and cleared out ofard the way before traffic can c start moving on the southbound side. i'd suggest detouring welluringl before that point at bradley boulevard to steer clear of any delays that could build.codl they're working hard.ey're work they have a saw out there.a sawe we'll keep you upindicate undict dated on that one.te that moving to prince george'sng t county for a live look at 210,10 traffic is parked right now atht palmer road. we have a big crash.rash my photographer max let me know they had been lettingha traffic through the scene atug the service you can see it crawlingt crawlig through there next to 210 northbound. i'd suggest exitinnog at old fort and taking oxon hill getilt around that. we'll take a look back at ourt o maps. maps we'll be back in just a fewk j moments tell you about downed d tree on croom road with your neck look at traffic.
5:39 am
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>> ♪ at1.ack at 5:41. happening now prince george's county executive rushern baker says he's quote angry and disappointed "over concerns cone that the county's head start program is in jeopardy.y. this news comes amid disturbing reports of studentsod being shamed and mistreated in n because of those accusationshose the program could lose a six s and half million dollarol federal grant. the school system has 30 daysm 0 to decide whether to appeal. app >> friends and familyds gathering to remember the lifeif of christopher barry the son
5:42 am
barry. a vigil was held outside outsi woodrow wilson high school. hl. so far funeral arrangementsme haven't been set.t beenet. >> maryland state policee ice warning people about a a telephone scammer.mmer the caller threatens to arrest victims. maryland police say they to not collects crimes forllecme criminal offices. >> separate straight ahead ae it special honor for beau biden. bd >> with the popularity of uberfu and lyft one d.c. apartmentpart complex has come up with a a pretty unique amenity. >> can't wait to hear about that. >> i know its a good tease, hm?
5:43 am
5:44 am
(whispering) what are you doing up? (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh. the family favorite. yoplait.
5:45 am
>> back at 5:45.>> bk at following several breakingveraln news stories around the region. all could have an impact on apat your morning commute. commute. what you're looking at aree in live pictures from 210 and palmer road in fort washingtonn maryland.ryla an accident closed lanes of 210 in area so watch out foror that. that. >> let's go he to chevy chaseche maryland right crews have just arrived on the scene to cut up a large treear e that fell across wisconsinscsi avenue because of last night'slt storms. this is the southbound laneses of wisconsin avenue and dorsett avenue. a another trouble spot to watche p out for. >> then on your far right this i is the district, a fatal f pedestrian accident near 13thidn and ninth streets northwest.wes. right now p and o streets are closed.osed our annie yu is there trackingrg the latest developments andopme erin como will join us in an ia
5:46 am
these early morning traffic t troubles and how you can avoidvo the mess.e mes >> mike thomas is in here here right now to talk about thet the mess from last night. flast >> uh-huh. >> hopefully no messes movingmem forward.forw >> no, none at all in fact.e atl just a few showers out there the and you know, i think we get a g couple days' break here.ake. >> okay. >> much needed. >> yes, we do. mweo. >> we deserve it. >> not getting a break fromng the heat or a humidity. humid bad news.d news. got some good news coming up.p. >> okay. >> you know me. ynow if i bring the bad news i got nw some good news. >> sprinkle it in there. inhere >> yes, sprinkles on top.s on t >> all right. >> current conditions outside, darkness, a lot of darknesskn out sun hasn't come up just yet.. it's coming up later and later t these day. mostly cloudy skies out 75 degrees for your currentour n numbers. 90 percent relative humidityhuit though. again that humidity not goingidt anywhere just yet. give it a few more days.ay we'll turn out much better asr we head into the next work nt week. there's your radar thisad t morning. again, just a few showers coming across northern nth portions of virginia trying toio slide into the northernin portions of the districtto herer
5:47 am
giveal it a couple hours. hou once this move through that's ta bulk of what we'll get. let's skip ahead. weekend is right around theht a corner. corn what can we he expect? more me heat. frontal system coming our way. stronger frontal system but itut won't get here until later onatn sunday afterno out ahead of it nice southerlyey surge will bring us into the bri 90's, lower 90's, is this nots n what we were dealing with lasths weekend with the hundredsuns around. each day will have the chancence for thunderstorms during the afternoon hours. hours i think we're 90 degrees on saturday.saturday storms will be very few on saturday, much better chancehanc of thunderstorms heading intodi sunday afternoon and evening. 92 degrees for sunday ahead of those thunderstorms.nder the good news once that frontt t gets through, there it is,ou, th again all that humidity, thisit is during the weekend, oncenc this front gets through goodbye humidity.goodbye we are looking at some dryry air. almost some fall-like air onke n some of the mornings coming inmo as we head into monday,mond tuesday, wednesday, just thejust first half of next week looks absolutely fantastic.
5:48 am
hey, zip trip time. zip trip rosslyn tomorrow tom morning tucker barne tucker barb down there starting a 6:00 a 6:0 a.m. tomorrow morning. morning annie yu and somebody else -- erin como will joinoin him.him. 86 by 9:00 a.m. a so it will be hot but it will il be dry.ry. please come down and seedown a s everybody, say hello. hello. here's your seven-day's y forecast. 91 degrees today. t stray thunderstorm is possibleto but the chancrmes are much lower than they were yesterday.. 92 for zip trip friday, shouldyd be dry all day long. saturday mostly sunny skies, an isolated storm possibleosd during the second half of thestf day. sunday's got a much betterh bet chance of seeing storms rumble m through in the afternoon anderno evening hours and then look attl next week. lots of sunshine.ine. low humidity. oh, i can't wait for monday. moa how often do you say that erinin como, can't wait for monday. mo. >> the fact that it says less ls humid feels great and lots ofot sun all the exclamation points s gives us something t
5:49 am
forward to. >> i agree. agr. >> accident in fort washington g 210 at palmer road. photographer live at thater liv location. diverting traffic to the the service side road area of 210.f0 big scene and big delays extending for several miles.l ms exit at old fort take oxon o hill road north to get aroundetd that. we'll let you know when traffic starts to get back tot t a better pattern. ptern we'll move to our maps in prince george's county.e ge that's not the only problembl we're dealing with this morning. croom road at mattaponi road, there was a downed tree. t traffic now get buying that location. they were able to move it over to the side. the now because of that heavyvy storms last night we'reast niwe dealing with a lot of downed trees in the area.ees street closure right now southeast 2300 block of00 blo southern avenue southeast ise ss blocked in both directions.econ use savannah street as an alternate. we'll keep you posted on that ta one.on we're also dealing with a wit pedestrian struck, a fatal crash ninth street northwest.or. annie yu at this loathe.oa it's closed between o and pnd and for that investigation it could be closed for some p st
5:50 am
eighth street closed as in addition we'rt e getting geti reports of a crash c baltimore-washington parkwaysh southbound at powder mill roadwd and then take a look at this.lo crash and tree down largen l downed tree wisconsin avenueve southbound. want to show you a live look a l at this location.n. it's blocked at dorsett.orsett actually traffic divertd fromerm cumberland on down. d i suggest detouring at bradleytl boulevard to save yourselfrsel that time this morning. crews working lard out there. te looks like light rain comingraon down as well as they try to to get that tree stump out of theof way. we have metro problems thisobles morning. in addition safe track surgesafe seven single tracking on theckie red line between shady groveve and twinbrook delays possiblero both directions with tracktionwa repair at woodley park. pk. single tracking van ness top dupont.du red line dealing with a lot ofil problems as well.lems as well. beltway looking good 270 south and 95 coming from virginiairgii problem it's more of the secondaries in the neighborhoods i'mborhoodm concerned about because of theab heavy rain and debris h that tha came through the area last are night. back to you maureen and
5:51 am
>> okay. >> would you remember anld y apartment because it providedus a room for you to hang oute o nt while you wait for uber? >> what.>> what. >> one new d.c. apartment is. at banking on this. t >> all right. all right. we'll wait on that. but first a special honor for joe biden's late son beau. the kosovo government renameder a 21-mile stretch of road in roa the southeastern part of theartt balance can nation after beaun f who died of brain cancer in in 2015. the former delaware attorneye ay general was a legal adviser in kosovo as the region recovered r from war.from war >> next up people with foodhoo allergies are paying more foreor life saving epihe pens. in 2009 family macies paid paid about $100 for a two pack epipen.ip today that same pack coststs more than $600.han 00 experts say the maker of epipen is using their monopoly p on the market to surge the sur price of that device and empty the wallet of the patients. of e >> here's a story we wereory talking about the vintageinta apartment building in d.c.'s.c.' mount pleasant neighborhoodborh this will be pro
5:52 am
residents with a room wherem they can relax while they waitwa for their uber or lyft to pickic them up. the room will have couches acoue tv as well as wide windows so tenants can easily spot theirpot ride when it pulls up. here's the thing.hing. you're in the supposed to bee waiting that long for a uber anyway, isn't it like two,t it , three minutes so do you need aso specific room for >> i thought they alreadify hadh a specific room.oo it's called a lobby but that'ss just me. >> from this rendering it is a nice fancy building. >> it is. that's what would attract me.trc i don't care about a room tooo wait on uber. on >> right. >> or a taxi or anything how about you give me some som extra parking instead. ite >> that's right, more square footage.foage. >> knock something off some price. how about some free cable.ree bl >> all right, let's move on. the snickers is waiting forting you wisdom. wism. >> appreciate it.>> appreci >> michael phelps is sure enjoying retirement in the pool of course. rpool o phelps posted this photo of o him his feian say nicole andnd his son boomer on his
5:53 am
caption great way to spend mywa first day of retirement.etem looks like boomer will bell b ready for the 2032 olympics. >> cool. they may not have gotten theen gold the u.s. women's volleyball team had no problems capturing bronze. kerry walsh jennings and april ross wop in two sets to one.o on good for them. congratulations.ratula >> they can his out.hey the u.s. women's track and's t a field team showing they arehe pretty much unstoppable.toppabl. last night they earned six medals in 60 minutes that includes gold and silver inve the long jump, bronze and in the 200-meter and gold silver se and bronze in the 100-meter00-mt hurdles. this was >> look at that speed. >> one, two, >> yeah. nice. >> man. >> how about this, u.s. men's us basketball team taking on argentina in thea in t quarterfinals. argentina got up early but then -- it doesn't it's how you finish. fin that's what it is about life.if there's a life lesson it's not ho
5:54 am
how you >> words of wisdom.dom. >> u.s.a. wins 105 to 78. 78. they're actually down in this t game. down early, finish strong at son the end 105-78.8. they take on spain tomorrow inw the semifinals if they don'tyon call this man wisdom for nothing. >> it's almost friday.s al you know what that means. mns >> what does that mean.t do >> we're getting ready forti fox5 zip trip wisdom. >> this week the crew isrew i heading to rosslyn virginiaa right across from the potomacotm from georgetown.from georgetown. the crew is tucker barnes bar annie yu erin como all threell r will be out there. be out there. they have a lot planned. plann a lot of fun.lot of f you can stop by and see them at 1401 wilson boulevard in roslyn. >> you know there will be someeb dancing because that girl that l likes to get her boogie on.n. >> there will be some food.oo >> always some food. >> how about our facebook fan of the day. they say they've been tuningeeti in since they were teens.y tee >> kimmie says she has the biggest crush on you, wisdomou,i
5:55 am
>> what? >> yeah. yea >> really?>>lly? >> biggest crush on you wisdomoo must be the greenpeace or are they hazel? haz he knows what color they are. a kimmie also likes tucker.o like. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan leave a comment below kimmie and tony's photo of our facebook page. mike she would like you. she's getting warmedhe up to upo you. you. she's like he's so cute but is o don't know if he's age appropriate.propriate. >> i didn't know that youn' coult d read minds. >> my special gift.y >> honestly she's like who isps that guy. >> no. >> all right, thursday morningag 8 o'clock, hey, we're getting ready -- we have showers out w there right now quickly pushing off to the east.f to t we'll be lester with clouds at t 8 o'clock in the morning.orning after 8, 9 o'clock we'll seeee the sun once again.gain. by lunchtime it should be ae a good amount of sunshine around a the d.c. area. it will heat things up to thehe upper 80's, lower 90's later lat this afternoon.on if we're able to pop a storm it would be about 5, 6, o'clock, very few and far
5:56 am
not the same energy as we hadwe yesterday and we should be ind n for a much quieter night whichiw is good 'cause we need thehe time for the cleanup from lastma night's storms. 91 degrees later this l thi afternoon, stray storm again is possible. possi friday should be dry. hot 92 degrees but should be sho fantastic weather for the zipr trip tomorrow morning. saturday mostly dry, ann isolated pop-up storm in the afternoon, much better chance of storms during the second half of sunday, 92 teams.y, 9te. look at what's on the horizon.'s mid 80's, low humidity. only way i can describe early next week is e mmmm. that's it. >> gives me something to lookett forward to mike.ike. 5:56. 5: we're tracking severalev problems on our roads. roa we have a disabled vehicle thesa outer loop at colesvillelesvill blocking the left lane. baltimore-washington parkway ash large crash scene betweenh sc powder mill and god guardua space flight center. flit ce 295 southbound completely complt backed up from 50 down pastas eastern avenue with congestionng and wet roads.and we as you make your way out in prince george's county someso updated information into themaoi fox5 news 210 northbound thi
5:57 am
crash scene that we have beenven dealing with is a hit and run. r police working on searching for a vehicle.r a vehi we'll get you more informationon soothes it becomes availableec at palmer road.almer road. traffic getting by that scenet on the service road.oa things on croom road back too normal in prince george'seo after a large tree had things t blocked for quite some time.te s keep it to fox5 news morning. mr we have you covered on thised on bad traffic thursday.d traf we'll be bacfik in? you have the a few moments.
5:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mr >> straight ahead at 6:00 a powerful overnight storm with sw boisterous booms streaks ofus b lightning filled the night skyis leaving thousands of customers s in the dark and homes andes buildings in our area damaged. m we have a live report. r >> such colorful language. langu i was just like what the.... two u.s. swimmers taken off their details of that story and they d latest developments still ahead. >> ♪ >> live look outside on thissint thursday morning.sday mng. talk about poetic and musical.uc nice way to start a nurse thursy morning: i'm allison seymour. r >> and i'm steve chenevey. cne we are following breaking news out of the strict. strict. a pedestrian struck and killed s in northwest washingtotrn. >> fox5's annie yu joins usoins with the lift evident. goo


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